St. Stephen’s Classical Christian Academy
St. Anselm Program

2016 – 2017 Total Tuition and Fees

Application Fee (non-refundable) submitted with Admission Application $25
Speech/Language Screening Fee (new students only, separate invoice) $50
Curriculum Fee $200
Tuition for the Academic Year $24,500
FACTS (tuition collection) enrollment fee $43

Tuition Payment Options are as follows:

Families are required to enroll on FACTS for tuition collection and must choose one of the three following options:

Option 1 – $24,400 ($100 discount) in full by June 1, 2016.
Option 2 – $24,450 ($50 discount) paid in two payments of $12,225 in June and November, 2016.
Option 3 – $24,500 payable over 10 months @ $2,450 per month.

Additional Expenses
Ongoing Speech/Language and Counseling Services are available on St. Stephen’s St. Anselm Program’s premises at an additional charge. These services are not included in the tuition. If your child requires these services, a separate contract will be provided through the individual therapist.