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Classical Education recognizes that a child’s brain develops in stages and seeks to utilize each stage of cognitive development to promote mastery. SSCCA's curricula follows the classical Trivium...

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SSCCA offers a Pre-K through 8th grade college preparatory program employing the classical method of education from a Christian worldview. A true reflection of a child’s natural learning style, the...

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At SSCCA we believe the foundation of all instruction is the truth as found in the Scriptures. Every school day at SSCCA begins in prayer and reflection with our entire school family. As instilling...

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An excellent education in a nurturing environment where every student is challenged to succeed is our goal at SSCCA. As part of this commitment to excellence, our classes have a maximum 15 to 1...

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Mastery of the core curriculum is at the center of an SSCCA education. Our students are expected to work hard to achieve success in every subject. We recognize that rigorous study develops virtue in...

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SSCCA recognizes the financial commitment families make when sending their children to a private school. At SSCCA, we strive to make the tuition costs as low as possible while also offering great...

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Want to Know the Real Election Day Winner?

The news may be in a buzz about who will really win the election, but shhhhh....we know already, and we can tell you! According to the afternoon Pre Kindergarten class, after a heated debate...

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Chick Fil A Drive Thru Fundraiser

Show your support for SSCCA on Wednesday, November 11, 2020 at the Eldesrburg Chick Fil A Drive Thru and Chilled Nugget Tray Fundraiser! DRIVE-THRU ONLY. Come support St. Stephen's Classical...

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